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Southern Karate Do Federation ( SKDF )
Sensei Tyrone Whyte awarded 7th Dan


7th Dan

Sensei Tyrone Whyte was awarded 7th Dan by senior K.D.F. Instructor Sensei Tony Gray 5th Dan.

Sensei was awarded it after teaching on a Joint seminar with Tony Gray on sunday 26th feb 2012 in Goodmayes Ilford Essex with aprox 40 students present including senior sensei Mark Adams, Carl Lindley, Steve Scott, Greg Frances, to name a few,

sensei Whyte a former British and European Champion in 1976 and a 3 x European Team Champion has been in Karate for over 42 years and amazingly can still move like a man half his age with a six pack to boot , Sensei Whyte was very emotional after the award that he had no idea he was to recieve the award which was sanctioned by the        ( E.K.F.) English Karate Federation, and awarded by Karate-Do Federation.

KDF would like to thanks all that attended on the day ossssssssss



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